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Clean Diesel is the term used to describe regular diesel engine trucks that meet 2010 emission standards in California.

The exhaust fumes from a typical diesel engine are much "dirtier" than a comparable gasoline engine's. Not only is diesel smoke unpleasant, studies have shown it to be unhealthy for humans and the environment. The government is currently taking steps to make diesel vehicles much cleaner: the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has recently implemented new laws that mandate the use of a new, cleaner-burning type of diesel fuel named ultra-low sulphur diesel, or ULSD. The EPA's new standards will have significant effects on the petroleum industry, automakers, and consumers.

Understanding Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel Fuel
ULSD is a cleaner, more refined fuel than the previous standard for diesel. What makes it different? What about particulate filters, the next-generation emissions control system that works in concert with ULSD fuel. These advanced filters clean diesel exhaust fumes before they exit the vehicle's exhaust system.

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We offer Clean Diesel trucks for all of our brands.

- Expeditor ACX
- XSpotter
- M2
- M112
- Cascadia
- Coronado
- F250 > F550
- Econoline
- Transit
Freightliner Custom Chassis
- MT45
- MT55
- Walk-in Van
- Step Van

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