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2016 Freightliner
114SD Trucks (available Propane and Clean Diesel)

Freightliner 114SD CNGNot only is switching to abundant, clean-burning natural gas the right thing to do for the environment, it’s also a smart business decision. By investing in the set-back axle (SBA) 114SD NG, you’ll also get lower fuel costs and improved fuel economy. That’s because as the cost of diesel continues to rise, natural gas prices remain relatively low and stable. What’s more, converting to the ISL G engine means lower incremental maintenance costs, thanks to significant cost-saving pluses like a maintenance-free exhaust system. And like the M2 112, the 114SD has the only natural gas fuel tank and components including a standard methane detections system that are factory-installed and warranty-covered.

Superior Performance

And because it’s a Freightliner, performance is a top priority in the weight-optimized 114SD NG. Available up to 320 HP, 1,000 lb-ft torque, the dedicated natural gas engine has the highest power-to-weight ratio in its class. The heavy-duty truck also features the Allison 3000 RDS automatic transmission. Ideal for alternative fuel vehicles, the transmission features patented torque-converter technology that results in improved starting power at the launch of the truck, full-power shifts, and overall superior performance.

114SD NG

Designed to Make the Job Easier

The 114SD Natural Gas was designed to make body installation as easy as possible, featuring Freightliner’s proprietary SmartPlex™ Electrical System, which provides unmatched flexibility for body builders when configuring a truck to suit specific body installations.

Freightliner also understands that comfortable drivers get the job done more efficiently. That’s why you’ll find ergonomically placed controls in the 114SD NG, as well as a surprisingly quiet cab inside the sturdy, steel-reinforced construction.

Cost-effective, earth-friendly, powerful, and comfortable, the 114SD NG is your truck of choice for the toughest tasks.

Tank Capacity

Freightliner Trucks offers factory-installed and warranty-covered CNG tanks in 60 diesel gallon equivalent (DGE) and 75 DGE configurations in the M2 112, installed back of cab. Factory-installed LNG options on the M2 112 include 119 and 150 gallon tanks which equate to 65 and 86 DGE respectively.

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