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Got trucks in your fleet that aren't compliant? We can help you.

Since we're affiliated with Velocity Vehicle Group, they have multiple service locations with specialists who are trained to build and install current compliant retrofit technology onto older non-compliant trucks.

Approved Technologies


The Cleaire Longview is specifically designed to provide cost-effective diesel particulate (PM) and NOx reductions for in-use diesel engines operating in on-road applications.

Configured in a modular, user- friendly design, Longview integrates a NOx reduction catalyst and catalyzed wall-flow silicon carbide diesel particulate filter. This provides simultaneous reduction of NOx, PM, hydrocarbon (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO) from one system.

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  • CARB verified to Level 3+ (>85%) compliance for PM
  • NOx reduction of at least 25%
  • Eligible for local, state and federal funding programs
  • The practical alternative to vehicle replacement
  • Proven retrofit solution with over 3,000 in operation
  • Reductions claimable for SIP or Transportation Conformity
  • Uses diesel fuel rather than ammonia or urea as a NOx reduction reagent
  • Durable state-of-the-art technology

Longview is managed by Cleaire’s proprietary MLC® which monitors system parameters and controls NOx reductant injection. The MLC also logs the monitored parameters for later retrieval and analysis.

Cleaire uses only the highest quality materials, including all stainless steel construction and a robust silicon carbide diesel particulate filter for enhanced durability. Additionally, numerous inlet/outlet end cone configurations are available for installation ease.

Longview’s modular design facilitates service and de-ashing of the diesel particulate filter. The reusable metal seal and band clamp design provides quick turn around for maximum up time.

The Cleaire Longview balances the need for cleaner air with the demanding requirements of real-world off-road diesel applications and the need to maximize the economic life cycle of your vehicles while avoiding costly replacement.
LONGVIEW® Quick Specs
Filter Type Passive diesel particulate filter with NOx reduction
CARB Verification > Engine PM Limit 0.10g/bhp-hr PM and lower engines
CARB Verification > Engine Model Years 1993-2006
CARB Verification > Engine Displacement Up to 15 liters
CARB Exclusions No 2-stroke engines
No OE diesel particulate filter
No external EGR
Turbo charged engines only
Typical Applications transit bus, refuse truck, motor coach, intrastate line haul, goods movement truck and other on-road vehicles
PM Reduction Greater than 85% (Level 3)
NOx Reduction At least 25%
Fuel Compatibility ULSD / Up to B20
Exhaust Temperature Requirement 260° C for at least 25% time
Regeneration Type Passive
Regeneration Time n/a
Engine run time between regenerations n/a
Eligible for local, state and federal funding programs Yes
Dimensions 49" (L) x 14" (W)
Shipping Weight 135 lbs.


Donaldson DPF Mufflers offer significant emission reductions for your diesel powered vehicle. Donaldson DPF Mufflers are available for engines that are 1994 and newer, and meet the requirements of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) diesel retrofit programs.

• Removes over 85% of diesel particulate matter (PM).
• Meet U.S. EPA Voluntary Retrofit Program and CARB’s Diesel Risk Reduction  Program (DRRP) emissions requirements
• Meet U.S. Federal noise regulations

Durable and Warranted
• Meet warranty requirements defined by the U.S. EPA and CARB DRRP
• Constructed of aluminized-409 grade stainless steel for strength and corrosion resistance

Engineered for Performance
• Patented flow distribution devices1: - enhance performance and emission reduction- deliver uniform airflow and temperature across
    the entire catalyst- reduce exhaust backpressure
• Backpressure monitor (supplied) signals when filter cleaning is necessary
• Take-apart design enables easy access to the filter for cleaning


A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter (DPM) or soot, from the exhaust of diesel engines. Diesel particulate filters can remove roughly 85% of the soot found in diesel emissions and can at times, depending on the filter and other equipment it is paired with can attain 100% soot removal efficiencies.

Diesel-powered vehicles which are equipped with a DPF emit no visible emissions from the exhaust pipe and far less harmful not only to the environment, but to the general health of those in the vicinity of the running vehicle.

Purifilter™ Passively Regenerating DPF
Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)

  • Our industry leadership doesn’t stop with our DOC technology, the Purifilter™ was the first passively regenerating DPF to attain an industry leading 90% PM emissions reduction credit value*. Purifilters are more efficient as they are manufactured with Silicon Carbide substrates which offer superior filtration and durability compared to other DPF materials.
  • The Purifilter employs a base and precious metal catalyst impregnated onto the silicon carbide DPF surface to passively oxidize accumulated particulate while complying with stringent California Air Resources Board (CARB) limits on NO2 emissions.
  • The bottom line is that your investment in Purifilter™ delivers the most effective, durable and quiet solution to your environmental mandate.

Combifilter™ Actively Regenerating DPF

Combifilter™ Type S
Combifilter™ Type K
  • The Combifilter is an actively regenerated DPF system that typically removes 90+ % of PM* while reducing NO2 emissions. The system is comprised of an integrated DPF and silencer assembly, and an off-board regeneration control panel or station.
  • Un-like passively regenerating DPF’s, Combifilter equipped engines do not have to meet minimum duty cycle requirements. Regardless of how you operate, a Combifilter allows certainty and peace of mind in your operation.  
  • Depending on the Combifilter™ you choose, simply plug your Combifilter™ equipped vehicle in when you’re on lunch or when the days work is done and your equipment will always be ready for a day’s uninterrupted work.
    • Combifilter™ Type S regenerates or self cleans in 60 to 90 minutes.
    • Combifilter™  Type K regenerates in eight hours or overnight.
  • Unable to tolerate any equipment downtime? A Combifilter exchange system allows you to swap out a dirty filter for a clean filter in two minutes. Then the dirty DPF can be regenerated off-board at your convenience without tying up the equipment. In addition, the off-board regeneration equipment can be used to service the filters from several pieces of equipment.
  • A Combifilter offers flexibility- With input on your operation, Engine Control Systems will determine which Combifilter™ system is best for your application. With various systems available for various applications, the Combifilter™ system can be tailored to meet you PM reduction needs.

Purifilter™ Plus

The Ultimate Solution combining the benefits of Combifilter’s active regeneration with Purifilter passive operation

Purifilter™ Plus
  • Purifilter™ Plus combines the benefits of Combifilter’s active regeneration with Purifilter’s passive operation to provide the combined benefits of both products
  • Purifilter™ Plus employs a passive Purifilter DPF to allow extended periods of passive operation with periodic active regeneration at a optimal interval determined for your equipment (i.e. weekly, biweekly, every preventative maintenance, etc.) to
    • increase Purifilter™ tolerance of duty cycle variations
    • provide a proactive fleet management / maintenance tool that insures equipment availability / up-time, low backpressure, fuel economy, and ease of on-board service without DPF removal
    • reduces infrastructure investment by allowing regeneration equipment to be used to support a wide number of Purifilter installations
    • truly eliminates the need to remove DPF’s except for de-ashing at 1500 engine hour intervals.
  • Purifilter™ Plus is the perfect solution for high utilization fleets (i.e. cargo handling at ports) or rental construction fleets who need a quick way to insure the condition of DPF’s installed on rental equipment to a wide variety of customers with different equipment uses.

Text for ECS provided by Engine Control Systems.

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